Customer Testimonials

Exceptionally fantastic....

"The new Rexson system is now fully operational. Thank you Matt for the exceptional support and training guidance. Actually we already have one Rexson unit in the water base production floor and after seeing that machine, its performance and its output we quickly went for a new Rexson system in our solvent base area. The machine is exceptionally fantastic. I have also shown and recommended our far east colleagues of the use of this system."
Mr Prabhakar Chitnis, Production Manager, Jotun UAE Ltd, Dubai

We have moved to random QC inspection....

"The Rexson team have really been an asset to their customer service, adding to the quality of the product. Each time I have had a question the response has been great and everyone I’ve spoken with has been very willing to work with me.

The dispenser is only a part of our internal stain making process but has proven to be robust and very consistent. Since installing the Rexson we have moved to random QC inspection of our material, whereas before we had to check every batch."

Mr Justin Laird, Color Scientist, The Gunlocke Company, USA

High accuracy whilst saving us a lot of time....

"Our Rexson system provides high accuracy whilst saving us a lot of time, allowing us to meet our production requirements in an organised and methodical manner. At the same time it provides a clean and safe environment for our workers.

We can now easily produce 120 tons/month of blended inks on the Rexson, and we plan to increase to 160 tons in early 2013. We do this running just a day shift.”


Mr Shaul Milstein, Managing Director Chemiprint, Israel

Substantial cost savings....

"We had our Rexson Colorpoint dispenser installed in December 2010 and since then we have seen substantial cost savings, so much so we will see a ROI in a little over 12 months. The Rexson dispenser performance has streamlined our color matching, batching and record keeping! When I give a customer a tour of our plant my first stop is the Rexson dispenser. The feedback I get is how clean and futuristic the machine looks, this is one of the many reasons why we use this piece of equipment in our marketing!"

Mr Aaron Matuszewski, President, Prefinished Staining Products Inc., USA

Very robust, reliable and user friendly....

"We chose the Rexson ColorPoint as we found it much easier to operate and obtain accurate results. The software systems are very user friendly, both the ColorPoint ink dispenser console software and the complimentary ColorPoint Manager system in our ink office. We purchased our first Rexson dispenser in August 2009 and we have found it to be a very robust, reliable and user friendly machine. The installation and commissioning of the dispensing system was simply perfect. We are a 100% satisfied customer."

Mr Luís Barros Mendes, Managing Director, EMBA, Lda., Portugal